The Opportunities we offer

Our value

Guarantee that innovation, security and method can run at the same speed allowing an actual structured developement.
The benefit of a full “As a Service” model.

Worldwide competence links

Be a reference in its geographic area and allow the participation of the local partners and personnel with a guarantee in terms of training and specialization.
This could attract  project and any kind of market opportunities thanks to the exchange of skills with the other centers and its partners.

Create new opportunities

The ability to intercept new technologies and methodologies  and accelerate them thanks to the relationships with various universities and sector bodies.
This allows us in some cases to influence market or regulatory developments.

Benefits of Academy

Training programs generate greater value for organizations when they reflect business performance metrics.
Testing real-world outcomes is our mission.
Strategic Partnership

Strategic Partnerships

The mix of skills, increasingly rare and demanded on the markets, and the presence of important partners in different sectors shas traced the way to the market of the future, and become a business in the present.
We leverage on communicating vessels principle

Competence Engine

The inauguration of the first technological center in Genoa (Italy) will allow to enclose every specialized service in a single reference on the territory to foster new concept, technologies and methodologies for the affiliated partners and customers.
An A.I. based Competence Management System is the “glue” that enables this process.
Competence Engine